This page is solely designed as a link page to (the official website for Spalding Gray as designated by Spalding before his passing and now continued with the support of the Estate) so that the .net page is kept away from internet prospectors.

Originally, was 'owned' illegally by an internet prospector. The URL was bought from the prospector. Hence the desire to keep .net safe. At the time that was first established as the official site, the site was owned by the Mexican punk band named spalding gray. My understanding is that the band broke up though they still have a Myspace page. Unfortunately, their site was then grabbed by a prospector who used it for advertising products unrelated to Spalding Gray. Recently, I discovered that the URL was available again so I grabbed it as a link site to the main site.

Thank you and in spudness,

John Boland
Webmaster for the Estate of Spalding Gray

the link to the official Spalding Gray site...